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For International Academics

Are you preparing an article for submission to a journal? Or perhaps you have already submitted and have been asked to arrange proofreading and editing?

Are you preparing a paper or a presentation for a conference?

In each case, I can can improve your chances of success. I will ensure that your ideas are expressed clearly and concisely and make an impact. I will 


  • Perfect your grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Make sure that your writing flows smoothly by ensuring your sentences are well structured and your choice of words is appropriate 

  • Ensure that your citations and references are accurate and complete


If you already know which journal you are targeting, let me know and I will make sure your work is in the required style; I review pre-publication articles on a regular basis for the largest open-access academic publisher in the world, MDPI, and I am therefore very familiar with the language requirements for journals.

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