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For International Academics

Are you preparing an article for submission to a journal? Or perhaps you have already submitted and have been asked to arrange proofreading and editing?

Are you preparing a paper or a presentation for a conference?

In each case I can can improve your chances of success. I will ensure that your ideas are expressed clearly and concisely and make an impact. I will 


  • Perfect your grammar, spelling and punctuation

  • Make sure that your writing flows smoothly by ensuring your sentences are well structured and your choice of words is appropriate 

  • Ensure that your citations and references are accurate and complete


If you already know which journal you are targeting, let me know and I will make sure your work is in the required style.

How it works

It is very simple.  Please upload your document, choose the level of service that you require and checkout securely.  I will then start work and return your document by the agreed deadline.


I will record changes and suggestions using the ‘track changes’ function in Word and return your edited essay by email as a marked-up Word file.  You may then accept or decline the changes I have made.  I will also send to you a ‘clean’ file with all the changes accepted. 

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